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Meet the Insta star – “JIFF POM”

with over 10 million followers on Instagram, this pomeranian dog became an internet sensation.  As a well-known animal actor, he was featured in the music video for Katy Perry's song- Dark Horse with over 2 billion times on YouTube.

The unbeatable furry stars

Social media flourishes with remarkable and unique content that pulls at the heartstrings, and pets give an almost unlimited stock. Instagram hashtags, for example, #dogsofinstagram has 250 million posts worldwide while #catsofinstagram

The buzz behind microbiome beauty

The skin's microbiome, or as specific individuals allude to it "skin flora," comprises an exceptional assortment of microorganisms that enormously sway what skin looks like and feels. This imperceptible eco-framework has become a hotly

Bizarre fuller lips trend

The "stuck lip" challenge is presently becoming famous online. Sadly, a few of us are not favoured with naturally full lips. When you have dainty lips and are genuinely stressed over this, you can decide to utilize lip fillers. In any

Peekaboo, We See You!!!!!!

Tattoo Trends In earlier years, tattoos were frequently in areas that were either totally obvious or deliberately covered up. The more current pattern is the peekaboo design — tattoos that are most obvious and halfway covered up under

JackFruit Wood Ear Gauges

Using natural materials in body jewelry style is a pattern that will not be overlooked. It's straightforward, why the modern culture follows the natural and normally inferred adornments considering the current confused expression our