Bizarre Master of Camouflage

Meet the potoo, a bizarre and awesome wide-eyed bird found in the marsh woods of Central and South America. These folks are nightly, single, vocal, and appear as though they came straight out of a cartoon

There are seven unique types of potoo, and they’re all incredible characters. With monster heads, projecting eyeballs, and a small bill, they undoubtedly have an exceptional appearance. It has eyes that take up quite a bit of its skull, giving it great night vision, while cuts in the eyelids assist it with detecting the development of hunters even while snoozing.

The great potoo is a nighttime bird that resembles an owl however the two are not related. They are found in South America, generally in Colombia, and are generally dynamic around evening time. The unpleasant animal goes after large bugs and little vertebrates. They are generally known for their brutal shout that reverberates all through the forested regions.

The extraordinary potoo is a world boss at pretending to be a tree stump, investing a large portion of its energy roosted upstanding on branches. You might experience difficulty detecting the peaceful ones, however; their plumage covers impeccably into tree husk, so they’re not entirely obvious. During the day, they’ll freeze in position with their eyes shut and their noses pointing upwards. Most hunters probably botch them for a branch.

Indeed a great master of Camouflage; isn’t it ??