That viral cat save!!!!!

At school football match-ups, you know to expect the unforeseen. In any case, nobody might have expected the wild series of events that occurred at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami over the weekendAn inquisitive feline slipped into the Stadium

The secret behind a little green feline

It's a genuine green feline !!! Trust me!!! that is not Photoshop. This green cat initially began acquiring consideration in 2014 after she was regularly spotted meandering the roads of the seaside town of Varna, Bulgaria. Occupants

Bizarre Master of Camouflage

Meet the potoo, a bizarre and awesome wide-eyed bird found in the marsh woods of Central and South America. These folks are nightly, single, vocal, and appear as though they came straight out of a cartoon There are seven unique

Stylish American cat types

Numerous American feline varieties may be recognizable because of their fame, yet some are a lot more uncommon. Over a dozen types began throughout the United States, some were the aftereffect of mutations while others were reared for a

Meet the BFFs: Billo and Avni

A few companions are so close they become like a proxy family, supporting you during life's many high points and low points. Incidentally, this uniqueness exists in the animal world, as well. Can a monkey and a cat become friends?

The bird person: Harpy Eagle

At the point when we talk about 'birds', we regularly consider delightful feathered beings that fit in our grasp. Bigger birds like owls or falcons size from 9 to 16 inches. Yet, in case there's a sort of bird that can make you astounded

The Pawesome media star

Dean Nicholson, a welder from Dunbar, packed his job in to travel the world on his bike. His original plan was to bike through Europe with his buddies. But, when Dean came across a stray cat on the side of the road three months in, his

Misty the cat and Sunny the kitten

A cat was brought to the Nevada SPCA for a chance at a better life. The cat was treated and was so thankful to be helped. Misty is a 3-year-old kitten when founded by Kathy Stankiewicz, a volunteer from the streets of Nevada, United

The Dracula among birds

When we consider parrots, we normally envision them as green, red, or blue-hued birds. But, at any point have you ever knew about Dracula parrot? it isn't quite surprising, as this novel bird is found distinctly in the rainforests in the