Meet the BFFs: Billo and Avni

A few companions are so close they become like a proxy family, supporting you during life’s many high points and low points. Incidentally, this uniqueness exists in the animal world, as well.

Can a monkey and a cat become friends? Indeed, you can witness that in an animal shelter where; Billo the feline has a monkey companion named Avni. They are closest companions and no one can ever separate them.

One day animal rescue worker Joellen Anderson at the Peepal Farm, a non-benefit association in Himachal Pradesh, India found a little Simian monkey hanging from some electrical cables. The monkey had been deserted by her family for reasons unknown, and as the child attempted to live without help from anyone else it had staggered onto the electrical cables and been shocked. The helpless monkey’s arm was excessively gravely disfigured such that they needed to cut off it soon after protecting her.

After such a large amount of care, the monkey was out of risk. They named her Avni. However, shelter workers saw that she appeared to be depressed. This little one was in torment and furthermore feeling pitiful at being isolated from the main family. One day they saw that Billo, the shelter’s resident rescue feline, had fancied Avni. Billo turned into her companion and assist her with diminishing her stress.

Before long Billo ventured into the shoes of a proxy mother for Avni. Presently they do everything together. The pair played together, rested together, and groomed each other. These two are bonded forever!