That viral cat save!!!!!

At school football match-ups, you know to expect the unforeseen. In any case, nobody might have expected the wild series of events that occurred at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami over the weekend
An inquisitive feline slipped into the Stadium and held the attention of thousands of football fans.

During a game, a homeless feline meandered onto the upper deck of the stands during the primary quarter. The scared feline slipped over the railing and hung 50 feet in the air

The feline gripped at something like a fabric, yet individuals beneath realized he was unable to hang on for long. Fans gulped with dismay as the feline lost his hold.

Cromer and his wife are regular viewers of all the games and carry an American flag to each game. Seeing the situation they speedily held it out similarly as the feline dove down.
They made the best catch as the feline rebounded into the flag. Close-by fans held the unharmed feline up. The whole arena could see the unharmed feline and the group cheered subsequently. Obviously not something we see each day.
Humanity still exists!!!!