Get those much-celebrated Tik Tok plopping.

The secure method for getting great, non-bunched up twists with negligible exertion; plopping has become TikTok’s new go-to hair drying approach. It’s simple, viable, and cherishes your wavy hair.

Just a microfiber towel or an old shirt is all that you need

  • After completing your daily cleansing schedule, apply your picked products to wet hair. Detangle and afterward softly scrunch to press your twists to cluster together.
  • Lay a cotton shirt (long-sleeved) on a level surface – the base of the shirt ought to be near to you.
  • Flip your head over and gradually bring down your hair into the middle of the shirt.
  • Take the two base corners of the shirt and fold them over the scruff of your neck.
  • Take the neck area of the shirt and pull it over your hair and into the scruff of your neck with the two base corners. Your hair is inside the T-shirt now, and the arms ought to be free.
  • Stand upright and tie both shirt arms together in a knot. Take care of any free pieces by tucking into what exactly should now be a tight hat like contraption.

No more warmed devices harming your delicious twists; a very simple warmth free approach to dry your hair and get your best twists ever. This straightforward new pattern hair plopping without heat styling will be your hair’s new closest partner. Even though plopping is ideal for wavy and finished hair, it’s an ultra-delicate drying method that is benevolent to other hair types too.