Ice cream Banana – The new Ice Cream in town

Blue Java bananas are a kind of banana with a taste and exterior that is symbolic of vanilla ice cream or vanilla custard. Notwithstanding their fascinating flavor, they stand apart for their splendid blue shade of their strip and their delicate, rich white creamy flesh. For instance, this makes them a superb substitute for ordinary ice cream.

Because of their fascinating taste and consistency, blue java bananas are frequently utilized in smoothies, added to sweets, or traded in for standard bananas to make a characteristic, low-calorie “nice cream.”

They’re incredibly rich in fiber, manganese, and nutrients B6 and C. Blue Java bananas have modest quantities of iron, phosphorus, thiamine, and selenium as well

Let examine their advantages beneath,

  • Supports weight reduction- A superb low-calorie option in contrast to sweet deals like ice cream and custard.
  • Supports digestion – The fiber in them may powerfully affect stomach health. Research shows that fiber may help treat a few stomach related issues, including hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers, and gastroesophageal reflux sickness.
  • Rich in cancer prevention agents- Stacked with cancer prevention agents, which are ground-breaking that can help ensure against cell harm.

Simply try out the below and enjoy!!!!

One of the most well-known approaches to make “niche cream” is by freezing the blue bananas. And mixing them in a food processor until they appear rich and smooth

Blue Java bananas work admirably in smoothies or as a fixing for yogurt, grains, and oats

You can even take a stab at normal bananas for blue java bananas in your preferred plans and treats. This includes banana bread, cakes, biscuits, or cookies. Alternatively, have a go at appreciating raw blue Java bananas for a quality, beneficial, and handy snacks in a hurry.

Banana Blue Smoothie Bowl