Bizarre fuller lips trend

The “stuck lip” challenge is presently becoming famous online.

Sadly, a few of us are not favoured with naturally full lips. When you have dainty lips and are genuinely stressed over this, you can decide to utilize lip fillers. In any case, numerous individuals find that a terrifying thought. Additionally, lip fillers are not without hazard. There is presently a peculiar arrangement for the individuals who are tired of thin lips, which is as of now going through the whole web. The solitary thing you need to make a couple of full, kissable lips is just a super glue!

There are a few dangers connected to the pattern, in any case.

Stuck lip challenge

With regards to getting more full lips, the craziest tips tag along. Prior we perceived how lips were vacuumed with a glass. Once more, a strange pattern has arisen: the “stuck lip challenge.” How can it work? You essentially put some super glue on your lip, let it dry for a couple of moments and afterwards press your lip against it.

The pattern accompanies various warnings. For instance, the skin may tear on the off chance that it is pulled excessively hard and, sometimes, the paste may even burn. Uh oh, you don’t need that! We will ignore this trend. What do you say?