The unbeatable furry stars

Social media flourishes with remarkable and unique content that pulls at the heartstrings, and pets give an almost unlimited stock. Instagram hashtags, for example, #dogsofinstagram has 250 million posts worldwide while #catsofinstagram has 168 million, and #petfluencer had accumulated in excess of 819,000 posts at the hour of writing, with every individual post piling up a great many likes.

The “pet influencer” title has advanced enough to welcome hedgehogs, hamsters, ponies; an advancement not limited to just cats and dogs. With consistent posting and sharing of these animals, influencers have the unique ability to attract animal lovers of all walks of life. Just like human influencers, they endorse products and brands.

A few Pet Influencer successful Adverts

1. Mercedes-Benz and Loki the Wolf Dog.

2. Urban Decay and Chloe.

3. American Apparel and Bodhi, Menswear Dog

4. Bose’s line of NFL headphones and Hamlet

5. Febreeze and Doug the Pug

The world starts to recognize the animal star as pet Instagrams gain more followers. These pets become online influences in no time with dedicated and engaged audiences. Maybe pet influences won’t completely replace human influences, yet they can absolutely give a new and inventive choice to advance brands and products