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September 2021

Misty the cat and Sunny the kitten

A cat was brought to the Nevada SPCA for a chance at a better life. The cat was treated and was so thankful to be helped. Misty is a 3-year-old kitten when founded by Kathy Stankiewicz, a volunteer from the streets of Nevada, United

The Dracula among birds

When we consider parrots, we normally envision them as green, red, or blue-hued birds. But, at any point have you ever knew about Dracula parrot? it isn't quite surprising, as this novel bird is found distinctly in the rainforests in the

Meet the Insta star – “JIFF POM”

with over 10 million followers on Instagram, this pomeranian dog became an internet sensation.  As a well-known animal actor, he was featured in the music video for Katy Perry's song- Dark Horse with over 2 billion times on YouTube.

The unbeatable furry stars

Social media flourishes with remarkable and unique content that pulls at the heartstrings, and pets give an almost unlimited stock. Instagram hashtags, for example, #dogsofinstagram has 250 million posts worldwide while #catsofinstagram