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October 2021

Stylish American cat types

Numerous American feline varieties may be recognizable because of their fame, yet some are a lot more uncommon. Over a dozen types began throughout the United States, some were the aftereffect of mutations while others were reared for a

Meet the BFFs: Billo and Avni

A few companions are so close they become like a proxy family, supporting you during life's many high points and low points. Incidentally, this uniqueness exists in the animal world, as well. Can a monkey and a cat become friends?

The bird person: Harpy Eagle

At the point when we talk about 'birds', we regularly consider delightful feathered beings that fit in our grasp. Bigger birds like owls or falcons size from 9 to 16 inches. Yet, in case there's a sort of bird that can make you astounded

The Pawesome media star

Dean Nicholson, a welder from Dunbar, packed his job in to travel the world on his bike. His original plan was to bike through Europe with his buddies. But, when Dean came across a stray cat on the side of the road three months in, his