The Crunch Time Recipe – JACKFRUIT SMOOTHIE

Juicing and smoothies are extremely popular at this moment. While both can help your vegetables and fruits consumption (which most Americans need to do); they are incredible for getting a variety of nutrients into your eating routine.

Smoothie….But, Why? Juicing abandons a mash that contains fiber and supplements that you wind up throwing endlessly and in this way, you lose the greater part of the advantages of the entire product. Mixing produce into a smoothie, maintains fiber-and a smoothie can convey an additional increase in nutrients, minerals, and phytochemicals since it regularly incorporates the product’s skins and essence. If your smoothie incorporates yogurt or milk, you get some calcium as well.

So, let’s see the recipe below to start with;


•             1 cup ripe jackfruit, roughly chopped,

•             ½ cup Sugar syrup

•             1 cup Fresh Milk

•             ¼ cup condensed milk 

Then again, you can lessen the milk amount considerably and substitute it with skimmed curd or seasoned yogurt.

Devouring these with different fixings, for example, almond or chia seeds helps to boost your day. So attempt to have this velvety smoothie every so often to be healthy.

Jackfruit Smoothie bowl