Zero outcomes from your hair care schedules?

Test yourself to start with

Take several hair strands and drop them in a bowl of water. Let the strands sit in the bowl for 3-4 minutes. If your hair sinks in water, it is exceptionally permeable. However, if the strands glide in the water, your hair has a low porosity

Tips for high porosity hair

High hair porosity would imply that your hair permits a great deal of moisture. If your hair assimilates dampness effectively, it very well may be inclined to frizz. If your hair is profoundly porous, you need protein to fill in the hole. Use protein-rich conditioners to condition your hair

Tips for low porosity hair

If your hair has low porosity, it doesn’t imply that your hair is unfortunate. The hair cuticle layer is shut and less dampness will be permitted to enter the layers. So low hair porosity would imply that your hair is less permeable and impervious to moisture. You have to help your hair in accomplishing more dampness. A decent hair mask, regardless of whether locally acquired or custom made when applied once seven days can keep your hair saturated. Simply ensure you keep up the hair cover on for in any event 15-20 minutes. Utilizing a hair serum after hair wash can likewise help lock in dampness in the hair.