The Marang! Is this a white jackfruit?

There’s another natural product that westerners regularly mistake for jackfruit however it’s a closer comparative with breadfruit.

Marang is an entire round or elliptical organic product shrouded in an order of outward-confronting hairs. However, it vibes and acts like velcro, adhering to the material and tearing plastic packs.

At the point when ready, the delicate hairs strip away uncovering a mass of seeds encased in pure white substance bunched around the middle center. For instance similar to a lot of how corn adheres to the cob. Marang is frequently combined with jackfruit and durian as its juicier partner in the Philippines. And, is the Filipino’s “queen of fruits”. A ready marang requires just the light bit of the fingers to open.


The nourishing substance of marang is somewhat elusive as it is a notable natural product in the Philippines circle alone. According to records, the delicious bit of the organic product is just 24-33% by weight. The rest is of seeds, skin, and center. Per 100 grams of consumable tissue (seeds eliminated), marang has 63-121 calories relying upon freshness and water content, which changes generally between varieties.

Taste and Aroma

In contrast to its more famous partners in the Artocarpus variety—specifically breadfruit and jackfruit, marang has a smell that will funk up a room in a similar way that durian does. The aroma is something like gas, yet don’t let that deflect you; the clingy white substance inside tastes like a natural fruit cup.

A wide arrangement of various natural fruit flavors meets up with each significant piece including pears, berries, banana, jackfruit, and pineapple. Likewise, a few fans believe the fragrance of gas to be addictive, similar to the delight of eating a bit of stinky cheese. Further, the cooked or boiled seeds taste somewhat like potatoes and chestnuts.

In short, it’s not for everybody, but rather for the individuals who love jackfruit. However, can’t handle a durian yet. The marang is a delicious center ground.