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September 2020

Time to canvass those Jackfruit wood

Being truly solid and hardwood with a beautiful abnormal yellow-earthy colored shading makes the Jackfruit wood another phenomenal decision for dazzling household items. How about we examine the stunning advantages it offers? The

Jackfruit FAQs:

1. Is Jackfruit A Fruit As jackfruit represents a flavor like chicken or pork, various people remain confused if it is a natural item or vegetable. In reality, it is a tropical natural item creates in tropical locales of Asia, Brazil,

Peekaboo, We See You!!!!!!

Tattoo Trends In earlier years, tattoos were frequently in areas that were either totally obvious or deliberately covered up. The more current pattern is the peekaboo design — tattoos that are most obvious and halfway covered up under

How Jackfruit Came to own Spikes?

This is a small story from Mahabharata. An interesting story on how jackfruits came to own spikes is seen within the Mahabharata. The Mahabharata is an ancient Indian epic where the most story revolves around two branches of a family - the

“Siddu jack”

For the first time in India, a jackfruit variety gets the name of its breeder- 'Siddu jack'. Siddu jack is the best among the varieties. However, the name stands after the breeder, S K Siddappa. Further, his son, S Paramesh plays a major

Digital Antidote!!!! What is it?????

Did u Know??????? Something abnormal happens to our brain when we play a steady tone at two different frequencies. The moment we put on earphones and tune in to two sounds with various frequencies one in the left ear and one in the